MS patients stage protest in London, England

More than a thousand multiple sclerosis sufferers lobbied their MPs at Parliament on Wednesday to demand access to the best treatments. Demanding access to best treatment

The organisers say the biggest mass protest involving MS patients in the UK was meant to expose the failure of the NHS to give them both the drugs and other therapies they need.

Their main concern is the future of the controversial drug beta-interferon, which has been proven to help some MS patients.

This is available in some parts of the country, but not in others - and MS charities fear further restrictions.

A poll commissioned by charity the MS Society suggested that nine out of 10 neurologists wanted to be able to prescribe the drug.

But many sufferers say that they also struggle to receive specialist nursing care, physiotherapy, pain control treatment and respite care.

Peter Cardy, chief executive of the Britsh Multiple Sclerosis Society, said it was the first mass lobby of Parliament ever staged by people with MS.

"The large number reflects anger and frustration across the country at inadequate levels of healthcare.

"People with MS wonder if the government actually thinks they are worth treating."

From the BBC News

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