Aixlie Pharmaceuticals and a new autoimmune regulatory peptide

Aixlie Pharmaceuticals today announced that they have obtained the rights to develop a technology designed by researchers at the Ohio State University. It is a peptide that appears to regulate an important step in the body's autoimmune response. Recent pre-clinical research at Ohio State has indicated that this peptide has the ability to stop the autoimmune destruction of the myelin sheath in an accepted animal model for multiple sclerosis. Researchers have shown the peptide is able not only to prevent the onset of myelin destruction, but also to decrease the process once it has started. "The first Phase I study for the product is being planned currently," stated Dr. Gary Pekoe, Aixlie CEO. "We are impressed by the potential of this technology to impact not only autoimmune neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis, but foresee its testing in organ transplant, diabetes, arthritis, and any number of other conditions involving an autoimmune component."

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